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General exterior view

Constable was Warden from the mid 1920s to the mid 1930s.

Photograph showing Intermediate laboratory, Chemistry department.

General exterior view showing building floodlit for the Faraday Exhibition, Dec 1931

General view of the gardens.

Copy of original plan for the development of the Streatham Campus by architect E. Vincent Harris.

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Postcard of garden stairs at Reed Hall. Printed text on reverse: 'This series of 24 postcards has been issued to assist the Appeal of the University College, Exeter, for a Building and Endowment Fund. Please help the Appeal by using these cards.…

Black and white photograph of two students in a study bedroom at Reed Hall

Photograph of the rear of St Luke's College with St. Luke's practicing school on the right, changing rooms on left with covered way going round to 'Club Alley'
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