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Caption reads 'Floodlighted by the Exeter Gaslight & Coke Company. Jubilee Celebrations, 6th May, 1935'.

Taken during visit to Exeter University by HRH the Prince of Wales to lay the Washington Singer foundation stone

Students on the steps of the Bradninch Place college building, Gandy Street, Exeter. The Borough of Badninch was a student society for men with its own Mayor and officials.

General exterior view

This hall became Hope Hall in 1923-1924.

Held on 27 Oct 1922. Pictured: Sir Henry Lopes in the chair; Principal H J W Hetherington on his right; Registrar A K Woodbridge on his left

Constable was Warden from the mid 1920s to the mid 1930s.

Lopes was deputy president of the University College of the South West of England from 1922-1936 and president 1936-1938. He was also Lord Roborough.

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Murray was principal of the University College of the South West of England, 1925-1951.

Clayden was principal of UCSWE, 1893-1920.
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