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Silver Jubilee, 1977, of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: presentation folder for the schoolchildren of Exeter containing copies of Richard Izack's 1677 map of Exeter and Miss P.V.Pitman's etching of the Guildhall

This presentation folder was gifted to the schoolchildren of Exeter in 1977 to mark the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. It included a…

"Geographia" Large Scale Street Plan of Exeter

Folded street plan, showing roads, footpaths, places of interest and an index to streets. In red printed card cover.

Bacon's Large-Scale Plan of Exeter, with Street Index

Folded chromo-lithograph plan of Exeter in red printed card cover.


Framed colour plan of Exeter, drawn and engraved by John Rapkin. The plan is decorated with illustrations of the Guildhall, Exeter Cathedral, Northern…

Plan of Exeter from actual Survey

This detailed plan of Exeter was produced by John Wood for the Improvement Commissioners in the late 1830s. It shows individual plots, as well as ward…