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Transcripts of 120 letters of the poet John Jarmain to his wife Beryl, with whom he regularly corresponded after travelling to North Africa and South Italy during the Second World War. The letters are dated from 17 June 1942 to 04 November 1943.…

Caption reads 'Floodlighted by the Exeter Gaslight & Coke Company. Jubilee Celebrations, 6th May, 1935'.

Taken during visit to Exeter University by HRH the Prince of Wales to lay the Washington Singer foundation stone

Students on the steps of the Bradninch Place college building, Gandy Street, Exeter. The Borough of Badninch was a student society for men with its own Mayor and officials.

The pond at the Crossmead hall of residence was dredged each summer and used by the students as a swimming pool.

In 1983 Crossmead was turned from a hall of residence to a conference centre.

General exterior view

The building was named after a College benefactor who was a member of the Singer sewing machine family.

Shows Professor Ted Wragg, Browne and unidentified individual
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