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Left-right: Rex Richards, Chancellor; Ted Hughes; Harry Kay, VC

Photograph also shows Rex Richards (Chancellor), Harry Kay (Vice Chancellor), John Stirling (University Librarian).

Photograph includes David Harrison (VC), Rev V White (Lazenby chaplain), John Stirling (University Librarian) and F Oliver (Marshall).

Photograph also shows Harry Kay (VC) and John Stirling (University Librarian)

Rex Richards (Chancellor), Harry Kay (Vice Chancellor) and Princess Anne at the opening of the Main Library.

Inaugurated by Sheila J Browne, Senior Chief Inspector, DES. Photograph also includes Prof Ted Wragg, Vice Chancellor and Dr King.

Harrison was VC at the University of Exeter from 1985-1994.

Kay was VC at the University of Exeter, 1973-1984.

Photograph of Sir Geoffrey Holland (VC), Professor Joyce Youings and Sir Rex Richards (Chancellor), University of Exeter.

Photograph of David Harrison, Vice Chancellor, 1985-1994.

Photograph of Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor.
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