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Photograph of students in the refectory, Devonshire House

General exterior view of the Mary Harris Memorial Chapel.

General exterior photograph of the Main Library

Photograph of the issue desk and library staff in the Old Library

Exterior view of the Old Library building

Photograph of the interior view of the Roborough Library. Typewritten note on reverse of photograph: 'Interior of Library, Exeter University (Red Brick University, 7.30pm, 18.4.58) WEHS'

Black and white photograph of exterior of the Roborough Library, University of Exeter

Black and white photograph of the exterior of the Great Hall, University of Exeter

Postcard of garden stairs at Reed Hall. Printed text on reverse: 'This series of 24 postcards has been issued to assist the Appeal of the University College, Exeter, for a Building and Endowment Fund. Please help the Appeal by using these cards.…

Black and white photograph of two students in a study bedroom at Reed Hall

Photograph of the exterior of Reed Hall

Photograph of students in Lopes Hall common room

Hope Hall was originally named Hartwell House, as at the time that this photograph was taken. The photograph shows an exterior view of students playing tennis on the lawn.

Photograph of the University of Exeter including the Amory Building, Laver Building and the Harrison Building

Social gathering at St Petrock's Hall

Photograph of student accommodation in College Hostel, Bradninch House, Castle Street, Exeter

Exterior photograph of university premises in Gandy Street, Exeter

Photograph of three University Chancellors, F J Llewellyn, Harry Kay and J W Cook (left-right)


Photograph of the Chapel of St Luke, Exeter

Black and white photograph of the indoor swimming pool at St Luke's College
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