Recently Added Items

Leaflet relating to vocation at Syon Abbey (part of)

Leaflet promoting the vocation to religious life at Syon Abbey in South Brent, Devon. It includes information about their activities, consisting of…

Illuminated cards by Sister Mary Veronica (part of)

Two illuminated Christmas cards from a collection of illuminated handmade cards by Sister Mary Veronica [Joan Kempson].

Printed Christmas card from the Lady Abbess and Community of Syon Abbey

Christmas card featuring the seal of medieval Syon Abbey. Printed with the message: 'Greetings for Christmas and the New Year from Lady Abbess and…

St Bridget of Sweden prayer card

Printed prayer card featuring an illustration of St Bridget of Sweden by Sister Mary Stanislas / Stanislaus [Annie Simmons], a nun of Syon Abbey. The…

Photograph postcard of 'The Refectory, Syon Abbey'

Photograph postcard of a nun and a laysister laying the tables for a meal in the refectory at Syon Abbey in South Brent, Devon.