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Digital copy of original Falaj Malki manuscript relating to water and tribal settlement in Izki, Oman.
Manuscript notebook recording names and holdings of the owners of the water shares over a period of approximately 50 years. The pages include a…

Black and white photograph showing Ronald Duncan reading from 'Man' at Instow during an electricity strike in 1970.

Part of a manuscript draft of the epic poem 'Man'.

Title and example page from a workbook for Man Part III, in which Ronald Duncan assembled notes for, structured, and drafted parts of the third part of his epic poem, Man.

Transcription of an obituary for Kathleen Ferrier, written by Ronald Duncan for Opera Magazine, No. 4, December 1953

Ronald Duncan's writing hut as it was in July 2017. Taken by the Project Archivist for the Ronald Duncan collection on a visit to Welcombe.

Sepia toned photograph showing mole as a young woman with Ronald Duncan as a toddler. Note on reverse 'When you were pretty and I was young!'.

Black and white photograph showing Rose Marie Duncan seated in an armchair, leaning forwards with a cigarette. Annotations on reverse, including 'UBU-Roi by Alfred Jarry producer at Vieux Colombie'.

Sepia-toned studio photographc portrait of Ronald Duncan in semi-profile. Inscribed 'SW 3638 copy' on reverse

Sepia-toned studio mounted photographic portrait of Roger Duncan as a toddler. Inscribed under photograph in a juvenile hand, 'Jan 25 Roger D 6'

Black and white photograph showing Ronald Duncan as a young man backstage, or possibly in a play, with an unknown actress.

Black and white studio portrait showing Ronald Duncan as a small boy and his sister Bunny as a baby with a dog.

Mounted sepia-toned photograph showing Ronald and Bunny Duncan as children between two unknown children.

Black and white photograph showing Sara Randall. Labelled in two hands 'Sara - Mead Farm' and 'Randall R.D's secretary & later tried to help restore interest in RD'.

Sepia-toned photograph showing Rose Marie Duncan with Briony as a toddler outdoors.

Sepia-toned photographic postcard showing Ronald Duncan sitting in a rickshaw being pulled by a man in traditional dress. On the reverse is written 'It is I in the rickshaw!'

Sepia-toned studio portrait showing Briony Duncan seated with toys. Inscribed on reverse, 'Bryony at 18 months' [sic]. Photographer's mark on reverse.

Black and white photograph showing Ronald Duncan sitting smoking on Welcombe Beach with George Harewood and an unknown woman [possibly Marion Stein]. A dog is at the far right of the frame. The reverse is marked '13 Victoria Av Tiv.'

Black and white photograph showing Bunny with a Pekingese on her lap. An unknown woman can be partially seen learning in the doorway behind her with a cigarette.

Colour photograph showing Mole sitting with Henry Williamson.
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