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Mapping our Exeter

This exhibition explores ideas around mapping and a sense of place in the city of Exeter.

We invite you to travel back in time through a display of digitised historic maps of Exeter to discover how the city has been mapped over the past 500 years. How have Exeter's landmarks been represented? What was the purpose of each map? How and when did the city's boundaries expand? What in Exeter has changed, what has stayed the same - and why? 

Then browse our new and unique digital map of Exeter. Created through contributions from people in the community, it charts places of personal meaning to those who live in, work in or visit Exeter. These include places connected to special memories, landmarks of historical significance, the location of a friendly cat, and where to find the best banana bread!

This digital exhibition is based on an outreach project (2022-2023) with the local community in Exeter, organised by the University of Exeter Special Collections.

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