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[Also shows a desmid, and what may be Lacrymaria olor, a curious ciliate with a long ‘neck’]

[Now Collotheca campanulata (Dobie, 1829).]

[Now Collotheca hoodi (Hudson, 1833).]

[Now Collotheca campanulata.]

[Now Collotheca ornata (Ehrenberg, 1832).]

[Now Collotheca mutabilis (Hudson, 1885).]

[Now Limnias melicerta Weisse, 1848.]

[Hornwort is Ceratophyllum.]

[Now Floscularia ringens (Linnaeus, 1758).]

[Only skeletal material is visible; the zooids are presumably retracted.]

[Nais digitata is now Dero digitata Müller.]

[Now Proales werneckii (Ehrenberg, 1834).]

[Now Ptygura intermedius and P. longicornis (Davis, 1867).]

[Xanthidium armatum Ralfs is a desmid.]
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