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Manuscript lettercard from Tunisia including references to his wife's life at home, life in the army and diseases.

Manuscript letter mentioning life in the army in Tunisia, the North African war, Tunis and ancient Carthage, Jerusalem, the film 'Desert Victory' by Boulting and the Bishop's Stortford's cinema, African birds.

Manuscript letter mentioning life in the desert, an imminent battle, Misurata, and bee-eaters.

Manuscript letter including references to bombing in Europe, troops advancing in the desert towards Tunis, Rommel and telephones.

Manuscript letter written while moving along the Tunisian coast towards Enfidaville, through Sfax and Sousse.

Manuscript letter including references to the publication of the poems and royalties. Envelope also including a newscutting, a Christmas card and a couple of letters to John, some poems by Sarah Stailey: 'The Return of Persephone', 'Beware!',…

Manuscript lettercard including the poems 'The Desert Army' and 'These Poems', probably written from the Mareth line and sent from Medenine in Tunisia.

Manuscript letter discussing about the poems 'Yone May', 'For Alemein [Alamein]', 'Orchids', 'Sand' and including references to Capetown, Tripoli and a scheme including Italian speaking interpreters, Churchill, jobs options after the end of the war,…

Manuscript lettercard including references to Monty or Bernard Montgomery and the new direct air service from Tripoli he asked Churchill for his soldiers, the Eighth Army, one of the most famous formations of the British Army during World War Two.…

Manuscript lettercard including references to Cairo and Tripoli and a second 'Alamein' poem on which Jarmain has started to work.
The battle of Medenine was on the 6th March

Manuscript letter mentioning the structure of the poem 'Soldier's Prayer', the desert, Suez and the river Nile.

Manuscript letter from Tripoli mentioning the poem 'Soldier's Prayer', the difficulty to express in writing how it feels like being a soldier, their alienation and homesickness.
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