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Benjamin Donne or Donn was responsible for the first entirely new survey of Devon since Christopher Saxton in the 16th century. This plan of the city and suburbs of Exeter was detached from Benjamin Donne's 'Map of the County of Devon' (1765).

Framed copy of map of Exeter, engraved by Frans Hogenberg and printed in Vol. 6 of Georg Braun's 'Theatri praecipuarum totius mundi urbium'. It was based upon the 1587 map by John Hooker, originally engraved by Remigius Hogenberg.

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This map of Exeter, based on John Hooker’s 1587 map, was published in the book ‘Libellus novus politicus emblematicus civitatum’ and is used to point the moral of the dangers of excessive lust. The Latin and German texts described how the female…

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Plan of Exeter, engraved by John Roper under the direction of J. Britton from a drawing by I. Hayman. This plan was removed from 'The British Atlas...' (1810) by G. Cole and J. Roper. It was originally engraved in 1805 and printed in 'The Beauties of…

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Framed plan of Exeter showing the existing boundaries (in green) and the proposed boundary changes (in yellow), produced by Lieutenant Robert Kearsley Dawson, Royal Engineers. This plan was the result of the Reform Bill of 1831 and the Boundaries Act…

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Framed colour plan of Exeter, drawn and engraved by John Rapkin. The plan is decorated with illustrations of the Guildhall, Exeter Cathedral, Northern Hay, the Post Office and St. Sidwells, drawn and engraved by Henry Winkles.

Colour map of Exeter by Rutger Hemannides, based upon the 1587 map by John Hooker, originally engraved by Remigius Hogenberg.


Isca Danmoniorum is the earliest known printed map of Exeter. It was commissioned by John Hooker, the first Chamblerlain of Exeter, from the Flemish engraver Remigius Hogenberg, and formed the basis of all printed maps of Exeter for more than a…

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Framed plan of Exeter, engraved by Thomas Yeakell. The plan was published by Charles Tozer on 20 April 1792. It includes a key to the churches in Exeter in the upper right corner and a dedication statement to the Mayor, Recorder, Sheriff, Aldermen…

Strip map by John Ogilby. This item may have originally come from the atlas 'Britannia, volume the first' (2nd ed, 1675) or 'Itinerarium Angliae' (1675), or possibly from the 1698 reprint of 'Britannia'.
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