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Photograph of the city of Exeter from the Queen's Building, Streatham campus.

Sepia toned photograph showing Uncle Viccy, Pat (inside car) and an unknown woman [possibly Arve], posed around a car. Annotated on reverse 'Phone 6/30'

Photograph of man putting up the University of Exeter nameplate after the Charter was awarded in 1955.

Image from the 1971 University of Exeter campus development plan by Sir William Holford.

Photograph includes David Harrison (VC), Rev V White (Lazenby chaplain), John Stirling (University Librarian) and F Oliver (Marshall).

Manuscript letter proving an insight into everyday life on board of the troopship. Also including the poems 'Embarkation' and 'Island for Sale'.

Manuscript letter from a port providing an insight into aspect of his life in the army, censorship and how the British empire was perceived by the local population. Also mentioning the distance and the difficulties of communication by letter with his…

Sepia toned photograph of Uncle Viccy. [Prince Victor of Cooch-Behar]

Photograph of two students viewing the University of Exeter charter, 1955

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Transcripts of 120 letters of the poet John Jarmain to his wife Beryl, with whom he regularly corresponded after travelling to North Africa and South Italy during the Second World War. The letters are dated from 17 June 1942 to 04 November 1943.…

Black and white photograph showing the composer Tom Eastwood sitting at the dinner table at West Mill with Ronald, Rose Marie, and Briony. Labelled 'Tom Eastwood RD & RMD & Briony at W.M. in 60's'

Photograph of the exterior of Thomas Hall. Originally called Great Duryard, an early 18th century mansion in 14 acres, was acquired in 1935 and renamed after C V Thomas, a Cornish solicitor and businessman and a benefactor of the College whose gift…

Strip map by John Ogilby. This item may have originally come from the atlas 'Britannia, volume the first' (2nd ed, 1675) or 'Itinerarium Angliae' (1675), or possibly from the 1698 reprint of 'Britannia'.

Black and white photograph showing Ronald Duncan with an unknown man overlooking a beach. Labelled on reverse, 'The Ishmaelites!'
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